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Operating with Excellence is not what most people think. 

"It's a commitment to building, solving, inviting, and serving with humility." - unknown

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Our purpose in building this organization is to invite and facilitate people working together to serve one another and help solve problems. Our focus is Business-to-Business relationship building and content sharing.

We believe this mindset is a key principle for long-term scalable business transaction influence. TransGlacier is focused on optimizing companies' performance via relationship building that leads to problem-solving and ultimately efficiency in a healthy way. 

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Our purpose in building this organization is to serve people and teams by offering advisory & training services on an individual and team level. Not from a place of "we have all the answers", but from a place of humility in sharing our failures first and our successes second. Our goal is to help individuals and teams create a vision and a culture that embraces failure in order to build a lasting legacy filled with intentional purpose in a balanced way.

We believe in a hand up hand down approach to growing as individuals, teams, and organizations. Sowing, cultivating, and growing in this way leads to the most plentiful healthy harvest.

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